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Professional experience by Hans Spanlang

  • Start-up of supervision equipment and control system for a 50 MW gasturbine power plant in Duisburg, Germany.
  • Start-up and testing of electronic control and supervision system for a coal power plant in Maasvlakte, Nederland.
  • Start-up Engineer and Supervisor for start-up and testing of high and low voltage switch gear, unit auxiliary transformers, automatic and control system for reactor, turbine, diesel, generator and stand-by batterisystem for Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant unit 3 and 4 in Sweden.
  • Bid preparation and supervisor for testing of low-voltage protection and transformer system at the nuclear power plants Forsmark 3 and Oskarshamn 3 ordered by ASEA STAHL.
  • Supervisor for instrument installation and equipment in hazardous areas, start-up and optimalizing of the hydrogen peroxide plant at EKA in Alby, Sweden. Engineering and start-up of different process-systems att EKA Kemi, Bohus, Sweden.
  • Engineering and design of digital automation system, controlled electrostatic shield assembly unit, pre-punching line, resistance testing and sorting machine for manufacturing of fuseheads, at Nitro Nobel, Gyttorp, Sweden.
  • Control and start-up of low voltage switch gear equipment, rapping system, conveyor system, high voltage transformer, and power unit for a high voltage precipitator, at Secondary recovery-mill pull att Saiccor Ltd, South Africa.
  • Bid preparation, instrument specification, application design, configuration of automatic control and supervision system. Supervising of instrument installation. Start-up and optimalizing of low alcoholic plant at V&S, Sweden.
  • Investigation, design change, testing, start-up and calibrating of on-line analyzer systems for density, flashpoint, viscosity, sulphur, distillation, refractometer and sample cond. systems. Education for maintenance service personal in maintaining the equipment. Nynäs Refinery, Sweden.
  • Supervisor for instrument installation at the BP refinery in Gothenburg.
  • Bid preparation and design of sample cond. system for a H2S GC analyzer at Nynäs Refinery, Sweden.
  • Bid preparation and design of an automatic sequence and monitoring system for six cooling pumps at Pripps brewery in Bromma, Sweden.
  • Engineering, supervision and start-up of automatic sequence burner control for two 10MW steamboiler at Nynas Refinery. -Classification of hazardous areas for SAAB SCANIA, Södertälje Sweden.
  • Engineering, installation and start-up of automatic control and instrument system for Laholm/Båstads sewage treatment plant, Sweden.
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